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What Does It Mean to Be NRCA Certified?

two men working on asphalt shingle roof; NRCA procertified

National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) Certification allows roofers and roofing companies to become certified in roofing and safety techniques. This certification applies to roof system installers, roofing supervisors, and qualified assessors. By hiring a roofer or roofing company with the NRCA Certification, you reap the benefits of the time and effort they’ve put into training and practicing these techniques to perfect the services they offer.

Pro Roofer Certification

Roofers who dedicate their time and resources to obtain certification genuinely care about the services they provide and the professional manner in which they do so. They can provide professional standards of work and tend to be more reliable. Hiring a certified roofer can ensure that your job gets done right.

A roofer who has NRCA Certification is trained in all different types of roofing styles, materials, and techniques. Because the NRCA requires certifications to be renewed every three years, these roofers are up to date on the latest news in the roofing industry. They’ll know the best ways to repair, replace, or install your new roof in a way that’s safe and efficient.

Pro certified roofers are continually studying to keep their certification and their knowledge relevant today. They surpass their competition in many areas because they know more, what they know is more relevant, and they comply with the strictest safety standards for roofing. If you’re hiring an individual roofer, ensuring they have the NRCA Certification is critical.

Roofing Foreman Certification

In addition to individual roofers, a roofing foreman and other mid-level roofing company employees may also obtain NRCA Certification. Hiring a roofing company with NRCA Certified employees gives you the peace of mind that you’re getting a team of people who know exactly what they’re doing and how to work together to get it done.

This certification involves many of the same steps to qualify. Roofing supervisors who get NRCA certified are up to date on all the latest roofing trends, materials, and safety standards, but they’re also skilled in training and managing others in those techniques.

Roofing supervisors with NRCA Certification also must renew every three years, keeping up with any changes in the industry and instructing their employees on those changes.

Why Hire NRCA-Certified Roofers

As a homeowner, you should always look for NRCA certification in your roofer’s credentials. This indicates that the roofer or roofing company is current on the latest safety standards and roofing practices. These roofers have the proper training and know how to install or repair your roof correctly the first time.

Hiring a roofer with NRCA certification is like an extra safety assurance that you’ve chosen the right company to take care of your home’s most valuable asset. You know you can rely on them to provide a professional standard of work with quality work ethics. They’ll be reliable and knowledgeable enough to treat your roof with the care it deserves.

A roofer who has NRCA certification is demonstrating to you that they care about their clients, safety, and protection. You know just by seeing that certification on their website that you can hire this roofer with complete confidence.

Don’t hire anyone to install, repair, or replace your roof if they can’t show you NRCA certification. You don’t want to run the risk of an unprofessional or uneducated company to tackle such a large, important project.