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Type of Metal Roofs in Savannah, GA

Whether if you’re considering a metal roof installation or researching the different type of metal roof panels and metal fastener systems, then this article is for you.

Today, Peach State Roofing covers the common types of metal roofing materials, the metal roofing system fasteners and what factors to consider when choosing a roofing contractor for a metal roof installation. 

While metal roofs have a reputation for being a superior roof for your home or business, the type of metal panel, the installation method and the preparation are all important factors to consider. Even though many metal roofs are installed every year, many of them have issues and leaks far before the expected lifetime of that roof. There are two main installation types for metal roofing, exposed fasteners panels like Georgia rib and concealed fastener panels like standing seam systems or metal shingles. The installation method you choose will determine the expected lifespan of the metal roofing system.

The 3 Common Type of Metal Roofs 

Metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular among most homeowners due to metal roofs’ strength, durability and longevity. There are a few different types of metal roofs and materials available for residential use. Metal roofing includes aluminum, steel, copper, and even metal shingles. Each metal roof’s material has its own benefits and drawbacks when it comes to cost, installation process and aesthetic curb appeal. When installed correctly by a professional roofing company like Peach State Roofing, a metal roof system is an excellent choice for Savannah homes.

These are the 3 common types of metal roofing materials in the metal roofing industry:

  • Aluminum : Roof suitable for coastal environments due to being lightweight & that aluminum doesn’t corrode as easily as other material. It can be painted or coated to further extend the life of the roof. $$$$
  • Steel: The most common metal roofing material. It is available in many different colors and finishes. Galvalume is a common aluminum and steel alloy that is used. It is much more affordable than aluminum roofing panels and still has up to a 40 year warranty with Kynar paint finish. $$$

  • Copper: The most expensive roofing material that lasts for years to come due to the protective layer that copper builds and also changes color. To maintain the shiny appearance of a copper roof, extensive annual maintenance is required. $$$$$

After: Standing Seam Galvalume Steel on Tybee Island

Aluminum Metal Roofing

Aluminum roofs are one of the most popular types of a metal roofing materials for coastal applications. This is due to their being lightweight in nature and corrosion resistance. Aluminum roofing systems are an excellent choice for coastal areas like Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding coastal islands like Tybee Island, Georgia. Aluminum roofing material is also available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing residential area homeowners to design a roof that best fits their home and curb appeal.

Aluminum roof systems have many desirable features compared to the ever popular asphalt shingles. Aluminum roofing materials are lightweight, making them malleable to a roof structure. Aluminum metal panels are corrosion resistant and this is in part due to the fact that this type of metal roofing panel does not rust. Rust is the result of iron oxidation and aluminum roofing materials have the least amount of iron compared to other metal roofing materials.

Aluminum is the lightest of roofing materials making it very malleable. It’s an economical form of a metal roof system due to it being energy efficient. Aluminum metal roofs do not get as hot as compared to steel panels and they are able to cool down quickly. This quality alone makes aluminum roofing systems both a cost efficient and energy efficient type of metal roof.

Aluminum roofs are a type of metal material which has one of the longest lifespans. It can be considered a lifetime roof because on average, it provides a home or business owner with a lifespan of up to 50 years. Some aluminum roofs have been known to last 70 years!

Aluminum roofs do have a few drawbacks. First, even though aluminum panels are corrosion resistant and therefore great for coastal areas, but aluminum is more expensive compared to other roofing materials. The price per square foot for an aluminum roof installation directly correlates with the square footage of a new roof. Aluminum generally has a high price point like Copper.

Due to being lightweight and its malleability, aluminum material dents easily especially compared to a heavier metal roof material like steel. Aluminum metal roofs will be more prone to dents from hail and falling debris like tree branches.

Pros of an Aluminum Metal Roof

  • Lightweight

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Energy efficient

Cons of Aluminum Metal Roof

  • Higher cost

  • Dents easily

3 types of metal roofs and metal roofing systems in savannah, georgia.

Steel Metal Roofing

Usually when the term “metal roofing” is being used, what someone is actually referring to is steel roofing. Most metal roof systems today are steel roofs compared to other roofing materials. All of the materials we are discussing today are metal, however, steel roofing is the most commonly used metal material in metal roofing. Galvalume is the most common type of a steel metal roofing and is specifically designed for strength and affordability.

Steel roofing is an alloy made from iron and other elements. Galvalume is the main type of metal used in the majority of metal roofing panels installed today. It is an alloy of steel and aluminum. It offers a metal roof a significant lifespan at a more affordable price than pure aluminum. Galvalume without coating has a 25 year warranty while metal roofing panels with a kynar paint coating have a 40 year warranty.

A Steel metal roof offers great durability and strength as well as being an excellent fire protection. Steel metal roofing is often coated with zinc and aluminum to prevent corrosion, which increases the lifespan for this type of metal roofing system.

Pros of a Steel Metal Roof

  • Least expensive metal roof material

  • Increased durability and strength.

  • Fire resistant

  • Low maintenance

Cons of a Steel Metal Roof

  • Heavier weight

  • Less corrosion resistant than Aluminum

Copper Metal Roof

Copper metal roofing systems are known for their beauty and elegance, but they can be quite expensive at an ultra premium price point. A copper roof also requires more maintenance compared to other metal roofing types. Copper metal roofing panels additionally require special installation techniques and is best left to experienced metal roof installers. Copper roofs are very long lasting, however, and can last up to 100 years or more when properly installed and maintained. Copper can be used in residential applications, mostly for accent designs.

Pros of a Copper Metal Roof

  • Long-lasting

  • Aesthetically pleasing

Cons of a Copper Metal Roof

  • Expensive

  • Requires extra maintenance

  • Must be installed by experienced metal roof professionals

Why a Roofing Company’s Experience Matters

There are many tradesmen that could easily just screw on some metal roof panels onto your home or business. Truthfully, it is not that difficult of a process for anyone who knows how to use a measuring tape and drill. However, there are many details that matter when ordering the material to complete your metal roof project.

Oil canning is the most common issue we see when metal roofs are installed. In most metal roofs, oil canning is the unsightly appearance of a new metal roof that greatly decreases the curb appeal of your home or business. When choosing a metal roofing company in Athens and Savannah, Georgia, it is important that the thickness, or gauge steel, of the metal roof panel is appropriate for the size and complexity of your home. This is one of the biggest factors to prevent oil canning in your roofing panels for residential roofs.

Photo from Metal Roofing Magazine

Another detail that matters when choosing your metal roof is the trim. Trim can not only look much better but also function to prevent leaks, therefore trim is an even more important detail to consider for your metal roof installation. Each type of panel profile requires a different type of trim for your roof. Also each roof may require specifically designed trim base on the number of valleys, rakes and eaves on your home. Metal roof residential applications with trim oftentimes are not well thought out with some roofing contractors. This unfortunate inexperience and lack of attention to detail when ordering the metal roofing materials required, leads to these metal roof systems to be installed incorrectly on residential roofs.

After you have chosen your type of metal roofing material, the next greatest factor when choosing a metal roof is the type of fastener system and installation. There are two types of fasteners, exposed fastener panels and concealed fastener panels. Again it is imperative that the Savannah or Athens, Georgia roofing company you hire has experience, especially with standing seam roofs installations.

Types of Exposed Fastener Panels

  • R-Panel

  • 5-V Panel

  • Georgia Rib

These exposed metal roofing fastener panels types are all installed with screws or exposed fasteners directly on top of the metal panel. Many improvements have been in the type of fasteners or screws with increased rubber grommet size to prevent leaking. However, due to warm weather expansion and cold weather contraction, these screws, or exposed fasteners, will eventually back out of the panels and cause small roof leaks over time.

Types of Concealed Fastener Panels

Standing Seam Roof

Athens cost of a metal roof

Standing seam metal roofs are most commonly made of steel or aluminum and can be installed on almost any type of home. Standing seam metal roofing requires professional installation and can last up to 50 years with proper care.

Standing seam metal roof systems are a type of metal roof installation that is comprised of concealed fasteners. Asphalt shingles also have concealed fasters, and while asphalt shingles have a shorter lifespan than standing seam, they are much more affordable than standing seam roofing. A standing seam metal roof does NOT have exposed screws or fasteners. Standing seam metal roofing systems are installed with a clip-lock system and hidden fasteners. Standing seam metal roofs are truly a superior roof design and a better choice for metal roof installations.

Do Metal Roofs Need Gutters?

When it comes to metal roofs, the type of metal used will determine whether or not you need to install gutters. In general, metal roofs do require gutters in order to direct rainwater away from the home and prevent water damage. However, some types of metal roofs are designed with an integrated gutter system that can help protect your home from moisture damage. It is important to consult a professional when choosing which type of metal roof to install in order to determine if gutters are necessary. Your roof is unique and each roof directs water in different ways. Gutters are not always needed but many times are helpful for residential applications.

Overall, metal roofs offer many benefits for homeowners looking for an attractive and durable roofing material. Metal roofs are available in a variety of types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to research each type before making a decision. Additionally, it is important to take into account whether or not gutters will be required in order to keep your home safe from water damage. With the right type of metal roof and proper installation, your home can stay dry and protected for years to come!

Building a metal roof is an investment that can give lasting protection and beautiful aesthetic appeal to your home. There are several types of metal roofs available, each with its own unique benefits, so it’s important to do research before making a decision.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article about metal roofs! We hope that it has helped you understand the different types of metal roofs available and whether or not a metal roof is right for you! Contact us today to discuss and mentioned this blog for a discount on your next metal roofing project

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