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How Not to Perform DIY on Your Roof

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DIY Mistakes to Avoid

It can seem like the easier option to save a quick buck, grab the hammer and nails, and fix the roof yourself. The chances of this providing a long-term solution to the problem at hand are slim, and trying to perform DIY before calling a professional could actually result in greater expenses.

While performing household DIY can be great in many circumstances, roofing is not typically one of them. There are many reasons why performing DIY on your home’s roof could go wrong. Here’s a little guide to common DIY roofing mistakes.

Standing on the Roof to Inspect

When you suspect damage to your roof you’ll instinctively want to investigate to determine if it needs any work or if it’s worth calling out a professional roofer. Roofs can be easily damaged simply by having somebody standing or walking across them. On a shingled roof you run the risk of cracking one or a handful of shingles and creating a leak in the roof.

If you would like to take a cursory look from the sidelines to inspect your roof we encourage you to do so, safely. If you do spot any damage you should call a professional roofer to come out and take a look.

Aesthetics Before Practicality

You’re going to want to pick out the roof of your choice when you decide to invest in a replacement, but it’s crucial to consider the practicality of the material before you focus on what looks the nicest.

If the roofer comes to your home to install the roof replacement and discovers the materials that you’ve provided are not suitable for your home’s environment, they will list all of the potential problems that this material is likely to bring and heavily advise you to find a suitable alternative. It’s better to save yourself time and money by calling your roofer first to discuss the best material options for your home’s roof.

Ignoring Local Ordinances

It’s easy to forget about matters such as local codes and permits when just performing a little DIY on your home, but it’s vital to make sure any and all work you perform adheres to these ordinances. To be in violation of local codes could impact your insurance coverage and you’ll likely be told to redo the work, resulting in further expenses. Professional roofers in your area will have an extensive knowledge of the local ordinances and will make sure all work is completed in line with them.

Covering the Roof Ventilation

There are often openings in the attic to provide ventilation and prevent the growth of mold. Homeowners have been known to discover these openings and attempt to cover them up in fear of moisture and unwanted animals getting in. The openings are a necessary feature of the roof and should be left as such. If you’re worried about animals finding their way in, chicken wire is a great solution.

In addition to all of the above reasons, it’s far too easy to cause injury while performing DIY roof maintenance. It’s always advised that for anything more than a cursory observation you should call out  professional roofer.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any maintenance for your home’s roof, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Peach State Roofing.