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Don’t Get Caught in the Rain by Common Roofing Myths

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Roofing Myths

Setting the Record Straight on Roofing Myths

A roof is definitely something most people don’t think about on a regular basis. No one thinks its fun to wonder if their roof is okay. And on top of that, whether its shingles or metal, a roof seems pretty straightforward. The only problem is that a lot goes into a roof. More thought is probably put into the creation of shingles than anyone really knows. All of this together leads to a lot of roofing myths. Here are some of the more common roofing myths that can trip-up homeowners when it comes to caring and maintaining their roof.

“A Roof Repair is Easy”

One of the most common roofing myths. Sure, doing any kind of patch is easy in and of itself. Anyone can nail shingles to decking or put some tar over a hole. You can probably find a handyman who can make a leak stop for a little bit. To debunk this common roofing myth, there is much more to consider. First of all, if your shingles are older and brittle, they are easily damaged when doing a repair. The repaired place will probably hold fairly easily but all the shingles around the repair are at risk of being damaged. At a certain point, a homeowner can spend more on repairs over a couple years than they would have if they just replaced their roof. The younger the roof, the easier a long lasting repair is. Make sure you have an experienced roofer doing your repair, as well.

“Metal is Always Better than Shingles, It’s Just More Expensive”

At one point, metal roofs may have been leagues better than shingles. But with modern technology, this opinion is nothing more than a roofing myth. Shingles have gotten a ton better and can last a lot longer than in the past. That’s not to say shingles are always better than metal panels. Every situation is just different. If you like the way metal looks then look into it. If you like the way an asphalt roof looks, look into it as well. Sometimes a roofing company will be able to tell you if one option won’t work based on the framing of your home, but there are advantages to both.

“A Roof Will Last as Long or Longer than the Shingle is Rated”

Typically, homeowners will have a 25-year shingle or a 30-year shingle and assume their roof will last that long as well. Honestly, you aren’t unreasonable to assume a 25-year shingle will last 25 years. Unfortunately, that won’t always be the case. Between all the weathering that can happen to a shingle, it may not make it as long as expected. Wind, hail, debris, and temperature changes can all shorten a life of a roof. Modern shingles are now produced much better than in the past. But a lot of houses still have older shingles. That’s why it’s important to have your roof checked regularly by a local, insured, and professional roofing service. They can help you figure out if your roof may need replacing sooner or later so you don’t end up bamboozled by this common roofing myth.

“All Shingles are Relatively the Same”

The last of our roofing myths and we hear this often in the field. Many homeowners are under the impression that a shingle is just a shingle. Frequently, homeowners are confused by why their shingles don’t look the same as their neighbor’s. Maybe your roof has more black streaks on it. Or maybe it has more bald spots in the granules than Joe’s roof up the street. It might be easy to assume a warranty might differ while the shingles are about the same. But there are too many factors at play for this assumption to be anything more than a roofing myth. Shingles differ in weight, amount of granules, the chemistry of granules, quality of asphalt, amount of filler, types of fillers, tar strips, length, etc. All roofing companies have one type of shingle they prefer. But it’s a good idea to try to find a roofing company that can give you pros and cons of different shingle companies. Don’t only look at the price tag.

If you have any other questions or assumptions about shingles, feel free to contact Peach State Roofing. We are always willing and excited to talk about different shingles and metal types. Take advantage of the fact that they love roofing materials more than the average person, and don’t get duped by these common roofing myths.

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